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Here at Astropol, we pride ourselves on consistent delivery of bespoke solutions to new and existing clients within the UK, Ireland and internationally. Working in collaboration with you throughout the setup process, our team of technical consultants will sample, prepare and test on-site a full working solution, making sure your specific requirements are met, and it's all part of the Astropol install service. Getting started couldn't be easier, just call 01942 254 006 today and one of our dedicated team will contact you directly to discuss your particular project in more detail.

Astropol Masterbatches


Astropol's core business is to offer PVC carrier based masterbatches to the PVC processing industry in all its forms.

Primarily these masterbatches are colour systems, but can include additives, for example, blowing agents, antimicrobials etc. It is Astropol's philosophy that the addition of PVC systems into PVC compounds is always the superior approach. The entire colour matching
for the product range is conducted using modern spectrophotometers working to tight colour tolerances.

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There are three masterbatch product formats available; Astrobatch, Astromicro and Astroblend.


3mm diameter pellets for on-line dosing. A general purpose range for flexible applications such as cable and hose.


2mm diameter pellets for on-line dosing. This new Astropol format is most suitable for PVCu extrusions such as window profile, underground and rainwater pipes, electrical ducting etc.


Powder pigments for direct addition to the mixer, offered as post weighed packs or bulk. Post weighed packs can be bespoke weights delivered in low melt EVA sachets.

Astropol Masterbatch Product Process Map

Click anywhere on the image to view at a larger size or download a pdf.

Astropol Masterbatch Process Map

Mono Pigment
A single organic or inorganic colourant pre-dispersed into one of the Astropol Product formats. We can be guided by you if you have a specific pigment in mind or we'll give you the advice.


Colour Specific
Formulated to the customer's specification, working to tight tolerances and using modern spectrophotometers. You give us the target colour and the application requirements and we'll match the colour in one of our product formats.


Special Effect
Why not bring the colour alive by combining effect pigments in one of our product formats. We can achieve a glittery sparkle, silky luster or a pearl effect. What about a colour graduation? See the colour change depending on the angle of observation!


Heat Reflective
Keep your product cool in the sun by combining Infra-red reflective pigments in one of the Astropol Product formats! Lower temperatures mean; less Polymer & Thermal degradation; Reduced thermal expansion; Cooler to touch. In a building product application, less heat transfer into buildings


Astropol Toner Masterbatch Products

These products are mainly used for colour control (adjustment of existing colours) in virgin and regrind applications. Astropol toners are available in all Astropol product formats.

Astrobatch and Astromicro (pellet) toners are dosed into virgin and regrind PVC to:

1. Maintain colour tolerances and shift colour requirements online.

2. Mask the natural degradation of PVC, boosting colour stability and performance.


Astroblend (powder) masterbatch is added to the PVC dry blend, either directly to the mixer or via the stabiliser one pack. Post production and post consumer PVC dosed with Astropol toners can assist producers to achieve their environmental recycling commitment to sustainability.


Astropol Recycling

Sustainable masterbatch Products In the case of regrind/pulver, these toners can be used in conjunction to boost the colour and improve aesthetics supporting the industries commitment to sustainability in the use of post production and post consumer waste.


Astropol Additive Masterbatch Products

Astropol can create various additive masterbatch product samples including...

Blowing Agents
Formulated to the customer spec, both exothermic and endothermic chemistries can be combined in any of Astropol's masterbatch formats.


Antimicrobals, Antistats and Flame Retardants
These additives can be combined with any of Astropol's masterbatch formats to suit the end customer requirements.


The PVC carrier system technology used in the Astropol pellet masterbatch system is unique.

All the constituents of the formulation are totally PVC compatible yet the Masterbatch still disperses into the base compound in the same way as wax or non-PVC carrier system as used in 'Universal' and 'Wax based' masterbatches.
Astropol Pellet Masterbatches eliminate the problems often associated with Universal and Wax based carrier systems, such as rapid increase in extruder

torque, severe plate out, pinhole blocking in downstream equipment, stick start shudder, and reduced physical properties. Just as important, there is no requirement for extrusion staff to be continually adjusting running conditions. Astropol masterbatches therefore help reduce scrap rates and improve production efficiency.
In window profile applications, any

potential problems with adhesion of foil to the profile are eliminated by using the Astrobatch products. The benefit therefore of using the Astropol system, is that all the common problems encountered using 'Universal' and 'Wax based' masterbatches are eliminated - hence the Astropol philosophy of PVC into PVC.