In addition to our Masterbatch offering, the following products and services are also available.


These dry blend and pellet products are formulated and colour matched to the customer’s specifications with specific rheological and performance requirements. These products are created in support of Astropol’s masterbatch business.

A unique and distinguishing aspect of the Astropol compounding service is the ability to supply ‘small lots’. Minimum 100kg orders of dry blend or pellet compound can be supplied, although bulk quantity/tonnage is also offered.

The chart below illustrates which formats are available in pellet and powder form.


Within this product range Astropol supplies specific purge, freeze dry blend and compound materials. Various grades of material are offered including:

Additive Mixing

Powder/Chemical Mixing and Packaging with the following customer options:

• Mixing of powders e.g. lubricants / additives

• High and low speed mixing available

• Various pack sizes – client specification


Toll extrusion works largely in the same way as toll mixing. Customers supply their own compound ready for extrusion, alternatively they can supply the raw materials to be both mixed and compounded at Astropol. Again, the customer has the choice of packaging format and logistics.


As support to our products and services, we offer Toll packaging that enables customers to have their consignments of material packed to their own bespoke specification.